(Credit: Micah Collier)


In the third week of the Winter 2013 Broomball season, we saw both a shutout, and a tie. On Tuesday, February 12, the first game of the night featured Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) and Hostile Takeover, followed by Theta Tau (ΘΤ) and District 5. Then on Wednesday, February 13, Delta Sigma Phi (ΔΣΦ) and the Sports Heroes took on each other, followed by the Blue Barracudas and Phi Sigma Phi (ΦΣΦ).

(Credit: Micah Collier)

In the first game of the week, the TKE’s and Hostile Takeover, looking to continue their winning streak, faced off and continued to play a very close game. Both defenses were not going to let anything by willingly. However, with ten seconds left in the first half, Hostile Takeover was able to tap it in, taking a 1-0 lead.

Once the second half got underway, TKE put a lot of pressure on Hostile Takeover in an attempt to tie things up and take the game into overtime. To the TKE’s dismay, however, they were unable to score, as the winning streak continued for Hostile Takeover.

The second game was definitely a challenge for both Theta Tau and District 5. Theta Tau opened things up, scoring on a breakaway at 1:59. Moving to get their first win, District 5 answered by tying the game at 3:56 in the first half. The game held at one-all throughout the remainder of regulation play.

Due to Theta Tau’s defense being able to hold their own, the game was sent into overtime. At 1:07 in the five minute overtime, Theta Tau had scored the game winning goal off the post (2-1 Final), giving them their second win of the semester, thus putting them in the third place slot.

D5 forward, Chris Zadorozny commented saying, “It was a disappointing loss considering we had so many chances.” He continued to state that “As a team, I would like to see just more goals, we are playing well, but we can’t seem to score.”

The third game of week three featured the Delt Sigs and the Sports Heroes. The Sports Heroes defense was not able to lock down their zone for little over three minutes, giving the Delt Sigs golden opportunity to do some damage. At 5:05, 6:16, and 8:13, the Delt Sigs put the ball past the Sports Heroes goalie, taking a 3-0 lead at the end of the first half.

The Sports Heroes defense was on point for the full duration of the second half while the offense made an attempt to get on the board. But to their dismay, the Delt Sigs maintained good possession and successfully stole the ball back whenever possible. The Sports Heroes were outplayed, as the Delt Sigs took the game 3-0.

Finally, in the fourth and final game of the week, the Blue Barracudas and Phi Sigs were looking for their first win of the semester. The Phi Sigs put a lot of offensive pressure on the Barracudas, but their defense let nothing go in the net throughout the first half. The second half and overtime consisted of nothing but back-and-forth play, ending this game in a scoreless tie.

“Both teams played well defensively. I wish we would have kept the first half momentum offensively,” said Phi Sig Head Coach, Mike Brennan. “It will be a tough matchup but I think our guys are up for the challenge,” said Brennan when asked about their upcoming matchup against the Sports Heroes.

Tonight, February 19, will feature third place Theta Tau (2-1) facing off against fourth place TKE (1-1-1) at 10:20pm, followed by the sixth place Phi Sigs (0-1-2) against the fifth place Sports Heroes (1-2) at 11:10pm. The following night, February 20, will showcase the last place District 5 (0-3) taking on the undefeated Hostile Takeover (3-0) at 10:20pm, followed by the also undefeated Delt Sigs (3-0) against the seventh place Blue Barracudas (0-2-1) at 11:10pm.