BY HASSAN A. BAZZI, Guest Columnist

For decades, southeast Michigan has been held back by its barely coordinated, underfunded transportation “system”–or lack thereof. Finally, the time is here for more efficient public transportation here in Detroit!

After all the campaigning and back and forth we’ve finally established our very own Regional Transportation Authority (RTA). The job of this RTA is to represent regions of southeast Michigan by appointed officials to set up how our new mass transit will be set up, including stops, jobs, and much more. So come join us as we make our voices heard.

On Sunday February 24th at 2pm, we’re going to march starting at St. James Catholic Church Parking Lot in Ferndale! Come join your voice in telling county execs and those in power what we expect to see for the future of mass transit in Southeast Michigan. Let’s keep Michigan talent here by creating a truly regional and effective RTA.