(Logo courtesy of UM-Dearborn Student Government)
(Logo courtesy of UM-Dearborn Student Government)

By TYESHA VINSON, Guest Writer

As college students, we all know how important it is to cut costs when we can. The Student Government has come up with a way to help University of Michigan-Dearborn students save. Within the next month, students can look forward to saving as much as 5-25% off of their next purchase at one of forty approved businesses. The only requirement to receive the discount is for students to present their MCard to the cashier.

Student Government’s Director of Internal Relations, Heba Sobh, explained the idea came about. “Actually, we have conferences with all the other public universities in the state and at one of these conferences ideas were being pitched out about how we as a student government can give back to the students. Out of the really long list, this [student discount cards] was one that President Lienhardt and Speaker Henson liked. So they pitched it to some senators and we went from there.”

These cards will not only help lighten the financial burden on the University’s students, but it will have a positive impact on the businesses involved. With these discount cards, students have more incentive to patronize the participating businesses. With the increase of student business in the local stores and restaurants, students will be contributing socially and economically, according to Sobh. In regards to businesses not participating Sobh said, “I definitely believe that will make other businesses want to jump on board.”

The addition of student discount cards has an affect on a lot of students here at UM-D. In this economy, every dollar saved can be allocated to something else. Speaking as a student that will benefit from having a discount card Sobh said, “I think they will be a huge help. College students need all the financial help they can get and this will definitely help us.”

Although there is no official date for when the cards will be available, Sobh said there will be an announcement on the Student Government website. The discount cards will be distributed during Student Government’s mobile office hours, which take place on campus.

According to Sobh, Student Government is constantly at work trying to improve student life, especially with the campus housing coming soon. Heba Sobh said, “As a Student Government, we hope to bridge the gap between us and the student body. We want to let them know we’re here for them and hopefully this will benefit them. With new housing coming in, the Dearborn community will become busier and we hope these cards will also help to promote local businesses to the new students.”

Thanks to the efforts of Student Government, students at UM-D will have a way to save on what they want. Sobh’s hope for the students is simple: “I guess all I’d like to say is we all hope that students will like the idea of the cards and that they will be a hit.”