BY SARAH LEWIS, Editor- in- Chief

I had no idea that it was about halfway through the semester until two midterms snuck up on me so fast I didn’t even have time to scream, “SWIPER NO SWIPING!” I hate this time of the semester. It worse than the beginning because you are getting into the nitty gritty of research papers, exams, and God bless your soul if your class requires group projects.

This time of year is what I like to refer to as mental breakdown season. These midterms are setting the standard for how well you have to do on your finals to pass or get an A if you’re an overachiever like me.

I usually end up sitting in my room crying over my MacBook Pro for hours while taking breaks to study every fifteen minutes. Okay, I’m just kidding, but sometimes mental breakdowns and just worrying in general get in the way of being productive, and this is obviously not a good thing.

Do you ever set up a schedule of when you’ll do your homework, and then completely blow it off because you lost focus? Okay! I’ll start my homework at 8 p.m., you say to yourself, but somehow you are swimming up from the depths of the Internet at 2 in the morning all because you started off with one little YouTube video that lead you to BuzzFeed that lead you to Jezebel that lead you to Tumblr. (Maybe your vicious cycle looks a little different than mine, but it’s all the same, really).

Now is the time when I give you some advice. Do not fall into the hate circle of procrastination and mental breakdown nation.

What do you do to avoid losing your mind, Sarah? You may ask. Well, the answer is really simple honestly. Go somewhere to do your work where people are around. Don’t barricade yourself at home with dressers put in front of your door. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go to the fourth floor of the library.

You probably think I’m crazy, but honestly, if you’re unmotivated and on the edge of losing your marbles, the fourth floor is going to make it worse. This seclusion is either going to put you to sleep or drive you further out of your mind, and I promise you won’t find that productive.

If you’re having a hard time focusing like me, go out in public. Bring your laptop and your obnoxious amount of books with you. Go to a coffee shop, park, restaurant, or basically anywhere it’s acceptable to post up with schoolwork.

This may sound like a no brainer, yes, but when you are around a bunch of people, you’re much more likely to actually do work. Why? Because it sure would be awkward if you were scrolling on Tumblr in public and a mother had to shield her child’s eyes from your screen, and it’s really uncomfortable to watch YouTube videos in public even if you’re wearing headphones.

If I’m doing schoolwork in a public place and click away from CTools for half a second, I feel the atmosphere crash down. The universe shifts, and suddenly I feel as though everyone knows I’m procrastinating.

So all my fellow homebody procrastinators, get off your sorry booties and go out in public to do your work. Everyone will be watching you. That sounds really creepy, but it’s true.

I guarantee the outside world will do you some good. You probably won’t combust into tears over an assignment, unless you have a group project. In that case, all you can do is pray for the best.