It’s almost playoff time in the University of Michigan-Dearborn intramural basketball league, and the gymnasium had that playoff intensity in both games on Thursday night.

In the first game the Phi Sigs lead by Joe Kimler played host to Tune Squad led by big man Nate “James James” Hamilton. The game was heavily anticipated early on, with tons of fan support. Fans were wearing the respective teams’ shirts they supported.

Some fans for Tune Squad were so enthusiastic in their cheering that they would wave their spirit fingers whenever their team shot at the free throw line. Both teams played a tough hard fought game. Tune Squad dominated most of the game with solid guard play from guard Fernando Hernandez who hit tons of big shots down the stretch.

Then, the Phi Sigs made a late push sparked by great rebounding and a countless measure of layups from forward Sean Parmelee.  Joe Kimler of the Phi Sigs then hit two big three pointers to make it a one point game. Tune Squad would eventually hold off this late run by the Phi Sigs to win 39-37.

In the second game between Wolfpack and White Men Can’t Jump, the playoff atmosphere was still in the air. This game was one of which could be attributed to the Phoenix Suns and the Golden State Warriors because there was very little to no defense being played at all, but a lot of run and gun transition baskets were made in this game as a result of it all. In the high scoring contest between the two, the Wolfpack came out victorious in a 114-113 win over White Men Can’t Jump.