Photo Courtesy of: R.J. King
Photo Courtesy of: R.J. King

By LAURA CLARK, News Editor

R.J. King, University of Michigan-Dearborn graduate and current editor for DBusiness magazine, has written a book entitled “Passport to the Corner Office: The Starter’s Guide to Corporate Life,” which offers insider advice, tips, and tricks on how to get ahead in the corporate world.

King, who worked throughout the 1990s for The Detroit News as a business writer and joined Dbusiness as an editor in 2006, said, “The book includes advice on how to market a product, how to stand out from the competition, how to dine at a five star restaurant, how to market a non-profit event…just the sort of things that go into corporate life. Another example would be how to use social media to your advantage—like how to not post embarrassing photos of clients.”

In addition to offering practical advice on how to succeed in the corporate world, King’s fourteen chapter book also includes a corporate resource guide in the back with suggestions for how much to tip different service providers, including waiters, catering companies, hair salons, barber shops, plane and golf course personnel, etc.

“I think students can find an idea of how to specialize and maximize their career opportunities [from this book]”, King said.

King’s advice to UM-D students entering the corporate world is, “Definitely you want to do internships in and outside of your field of study. You might want to do an internship with your local EPA office and gain an understanding of how the EPA works. Also, if you can hold down a part time job at a law firm while you’re going to school, that’s good. Or you can spend a semester in Europe or in Asia while going to school to get a global perspective”

“Passport to the Corner Office: The Starter’s Guide to Corporate Life” will be available for purchase on April 1 on, and soon after on iTunes and in bookstores.