(Courtesy: UMD.UMICH.EDU)
(Courtesy: UMD.UMICH.EDU)

By NOUHAD ALAME, Staff Writer

Not quite satisfied with this summer’s upcoming plans? The University of Michigan-Dearborn has something to change that mindset.

We’ve all been the early bird at one point in our educational careers as we await the first opportunity for registrations to begin before the best of courses rapidly fill with eager students.

This summer/spring, one fulfilling course is to be offered by Dr. Richard Adler, an Associate Professor of Biology and Microbiology.

Medical Virology, which is not offered on a yearly basis, is a course which goes into an in depth study of viruses, virus-like agents, and the ways in which seemingly “lifeless spiders” infect and exploit cells causing some of the most complex diseases.

A notable professor indeed, he is best described as an open textbook according to one of his students, and all of whom have been quite pleased, challenged, and inspired by the knowledge he has to offer. If passion for the sciences is truly an aspect most reflective of our future doctors and scientists, there is no greater course to reflect these characteristics upon a student than Medical Virology itself.

While many students may be particularly interested in expanding their knowledge of the microbiological world of organisms with connections made directly to the medical field, often times selections are limited for undergraduate students who are still pursuing the bachelor’s degree. With upper level courses being offered to supplement a basic background in the biological sciences, students are able to enhance their understanding of microbiology and clinical manifestations.

If these little animals do not fit your desires in the least, have no fear. Perhaps a more soft-hearted branch in the biological world suits your interests. In addition to the course on Medical Virology, Dr. Kazem Mostafapour, an Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, will be teaching Pharmacology which may be the last time he teaches this relevant course with retirement just several months away.

Don’t let these opportunities slip by you this summer. With a vast knowledge of such topics as students, the surprises that science unravels daily will in fact be no surprise at all.