Ashley White/MJ
Ashley White/MJ

By ASHLEY WHITE, Staff Writer

Many students visit the University Center on a daily basis to grab a bite to eat between classes, pick up supplies from the bookstore or simply to meet up with friends. Last Wednesday, March 6, some people didn’t have the freedom to roam the halls of the UC as they were told “You have a warrant out for your arrest.”

Phi Sigma Sigma held Jail-N-Bail on the UC stage where they locked up suspects for a good cause. Here’s how it worked: A friend would fill out a “warrant” which had their name, your name, and a reason why you should be locked up. Your friend would wait for your arrival into the UC and then you were thrown in jail by members of Phi Sigma Sigma.

“We wore hats and badges all day,” said Devon Helka, a Phi Sigma Sigma member.

Not only were you locked up, but you had to bail yourself out. You could serve your time or pull a chance card that had different options such as performing gangnam style or match what your friend donated. If you wanted someone to sit in jail for a minute, you paid $1 and for seven minutes you paid $5.

“We’ve had people stand in there for 14 minutes,” Helka said.

This fundraiser was Phi Sigma Sigma’s annual philanthropic event for the Michigan Parkinson Foundation. MPF was founded in 1983 with the purpose of making sure every person with Parkinson’s disease receives quality care and support. There are about 30,000 people in Michigan with Parkinson’s disease and through MPF, they receive various services that help make life easier for them and their families. MPF is primarily funded by private contributions.

Phi Sigma Sigma has held this fundraiser annually for over five years with the goal of raising awareness about MPF. This year, Phi Sigma Sigma doubled the amount raised from last year. Jail-N-Bail was a fun, unique way to raise funds and awareness for MPF.
To make a donation to The Michigan Parkinson Foundation, visit