Album cover courtesy of Captured Tracks
Album cover courtesy of Captured Tracks

By YARA BEYDOUN, Staff Columnist

Artist: Widowspeak

Album: Almanac

Release: January 22, 2013

 Widowspeak’s latest LP opens with sounds of leaves and twigs crunching under the footsteps of someone walking through the woods on a mildly windy day. This builds into Robert Thomas strumming softly on an electric guitar as the song “Perennials” comes into play. It’s a dreamy tune, in which Molly Hamilton sings in an ever so dreamy voice: “You could stay for a season/ Maybe I could give you a reason.”

Almanac is the second album from this indie rock, Brooklyn duo. The dream pop sound off the opening track is what defines this band. However, this album can be too dreamy. I must say by the time I reached the track “Sore Eyes” I did, indeed, have sore eyes. It was getting hard to keep my head up! Perhaps it was the droning in the back of each song, or perhaps is was Hamilton’s dreamy voice lulling me to sleep. Either way, it’s Almanac’s lack of anything innovative that withheld me from awh.

Despite this, the psychedelic tones compliment the light hearted melodies in a refreshing way—such as in the track “Ballad of the Golden Hour,” as Hamilton sings, “As the time stretches, our bodies go/ Moving, feeling strange, the moment we’re alone.”

Key Tracks: “Perennial,” “Dyed in the Wool,” “Thick as Thieves.”