Well, it’s official. After months of financial review, threats, and many people making an ass out of themselves, Detroit has an emergency financial manager.

Welcome to Detroit, Kevyn Orr. I can’t say that I’m thrilled you’re here, but I like your enthusiasm and no-nonsense attitude. I wish you the best. I hope people realize that this situation isn’t your fault. And I hope that those who are still upset don’t try and make a name for themselves by doing something stupid.

They can start by getting off of the freeway before someone gets killed.

We all see you, people who think it’s a good idea to make a statement by slowing down traffic on I-94. We know you’re not pleased. But neither are the people whose commute you’re interrupting.

Let me be clear – I am not asking you to stop voicing your concerns. Protesting is an American right, as it should be. But I have to ask, what exactly are you trying to achieve? It seems that all you’re doing is annoying your fellow Detroiters. They didn’t ask for the EFM, and they didn’t make the mess that brought on the EFM. Many of those commuters probably agree with you, too, considering the city is divided on the issue.

Protest smarter. Protest at city hall, and tie up traffic downtown. Protest in Lansing, if you can get out there. But please, get off the freeway. It’s not safe out there, and it’s only a matter of time before one of you gets hit by an annoyed or careless driver. They don’t refer to poor driving as Detroit Driving for nothing, you know.

Though it hasn’t happened yet, I’m going to take a preemptive measure and ask dissatisfied citizens to refrain from rioting. Don’t try to be a “hero” or a “civil rights leader.” Please do not burn Detroit to the ground just so Snyder can’t have it. If City Council can be rational enough to commit to working with Orr and stop challenging his appointment, then everyone else should be rational enough to not destroy the gains Detroit has made recently.

Again – let me be clear here – I am not asking anyone to simply give up. I’m not asking you to accept Snyder side-stepping democracy because I am not entirely comfortable with the EFM law myself.

I am simply asking everyone to be smart. Protest safely and without hurting others. If that doesn’t suit you, complain to your state congresspeople. If nothing else, bide your time and vote Snyder out, should he run again.

But don’t do anything that puts you, or your fellow Detroiters in danger.