(Photo courtesy of One Michigan Coalition's Facebook)
(Photo courtesy of One Michigan Coalition’s Facebook)

By LAURA CLARK, News Editor

Last Tuesday, University of Michigan-Dearborn undergraduate senior Dennis Lienhardt Jr. was chosen to represent his class as commencement speaker in the ceremony for the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters taking place on April 28 at 3:00 p.m.

“I can say that it was a tough selection process (it always is), but this year was very hard selecting one commencement speaker. I think the committee felt that Dennis’s speech was broad enough to reach many of the experiences of graduates of UM-Dearborn and was both professional and light,” said Jonathan Larson, Chair of the Commencement Speaker Selection.

During his time at UM-Dearborn, Lienhardt has been actively involved in Student Government, serving as President, and also active in the Political Science Association

“I hope that my greatest accomplishment at UM-Dearborn has been helping other students become leaders. As I graduate, I hope that I was able to lead by example and that I was able to urge students to get more involved or become more confident leaders, said Lienhardt.

Lienhardt said that he applied for the position of commencement speaker for a couple reasons. “I wanted one last chance to be able to represent my fellow students. Serving as Student Government President this year has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I wanted the chance to thank my fellow seniors at Commencement. Also, this is a great opportunity. Speaking at Commencement is a rare opportunity and it is a privilege to be able to fill this position.

As a graduating senior, Lienhardt has nothing but positive things to say about the students, the faculty, and his experiences here at UM-Dearborn.

“The students and faculty at UM-Dearborn are exceptionally unique. You can tell when you meet one of them that not only are they intelligent and hardworking individuals, but that they are also good people. The difference that is made on campus by our students and faculty is not seen at many campuses. Their level of interest and commitment to the community is unparalleled,” he said.

Lienhardt will be attending law school beginning this upcoming Fall. He has not yet decided where he is attending, but he is committed to staying in Michigan for both law school and hopefully for a career later on.

“The most important thing I learned while at UM-Dearborn is to be confident in your decision-making. It is easy to dwell on your past decisions, or dream about your future goals, but the most important thing is to know what you want in life and go get it. Being confident is essential in getting a job, becoming a leader, and helping others,” he said.