BY SARAH LEWIS, Editor-in-Chief

I like to sit in the back of classrooms. Usually I’m not one to speak up and loudly voice my opinions during class discussions. I guess this is because I don’t need the classroom to know my every thought regarding the subject matter to learn.

Just because I don’t speak up, doesn’t mean I’m not listening. I like to think of myself as a silent observer.

I never really thought about why I migrated to seats near the back until I had a one on one meeting with a professor, and he flat out asked me why I sat in the back. My grades in the class were mostly A’s with some B’s, so it was clear I was doing well.

I answered him honestly, and explained that I just like to watch the room. Not in a creepy, I’m stalking and staring at everyone sort of way; I just feel more comfortable when I can watch what is going on instead of thinking someone is watching me.

I think it’s often assumed that those in the back seats are there so they can do anything but participate in class, but I say nay. I don’t sit in the back so I can go on Facebook because let’s be honest, Facebook is so 2010. If anything, I might scroll through my blog for a hot minute of distraction.

The back row is the best spot to watch other students make fools of themselves. I have seen far too many people lose their minds over classroom debates.

Honestly, I’m far too old to truly believe that everyone is going to agree with all of my opinions, so I don’t feel the need to yell my thoughts at another student. Fortunately for my entertainment, many students do not agree with me.

I really don’t think there is anything more entertaining than seeing two students lose their bananas because they have differing opinions.

I was watching a not so great debate unfold last week. This girl was screaming at this dude over women’s rights and waving her finger back and forth. I’m all about women’s rights, TRUST ME, but the guy hadn’t even said anything against women’s rights. He was talking about the difference between men and women regarding law enforcement because women naturally have smaller frames than men.

I saw nothing wrong with him saying this because women are typically smaller than men. This girl was not having any of it. It was probably the most entertaining thing I had seen all week, which is saying a lot considering I watch Hell’s Kitchen.

Unfortunately while he was trying to defend himself, this dude really put his foot in his mouth and said he didn’t understand feminists “like you.” Oh boy, I thought while I wished I was holding a bowl full of Orville Redenbacher. She started waving her hands around and pointing her finger at the guy who was holding his head in his hands.

Most of the classroom was getting involved in this muck, but I noticed a safe zone. The safe zone was my precious back row. Everyone in the back had the same expression I did. They all kept their mouths shut, but they all were wearing devious grins. The silent observers who get a kick out of boisterous classmates.

Here’s to you, back row dwellers. Sit and watch the class make fools of themselves and revile in your silent glory. I’m right there with you.