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By CODI SPENCE, Guest Columnist

The U.S Government has been able to accomplish so much over the years. Unfortunately, it seems like this will no longer be the case.

The U.S. is in trouble and has been for a while. We have dealt with everything from foreign affairs to domestic affairs. In times of trouble, a country’s people are supposed to have the government to look to in order to take care of them. The government and the people in it are supposed to be our “saving grace.”

The government should be a big mechanism of officials working together for the people’s benefit .Unfortunately, that hasn’t been proven true in recent years.

The body of government has been infected with diseases such as greed, selfishness, and personal gain. As more of these infections spread, more of the body is unable to function. The body even gets to points where it can’t function at all.

These infections are not the only things that prevent the body of government from doing what it needs to do. There is also the internal struggle of cells in the body, otherwise known as politicians. The politicians make up the government and are supposed to work together to make everything work.

For some reason, the cells have mutated too much and formed two separate cell groups, the Democrats and Republicans. The variations of views and ways of thinking are good, but there is a limit. Once differences start getting in the way, problems arise.

Each side knows that they need to work together, but want to tip things in their favor. They are determined to stick with their beliefs and will fight to get what they want. This unfortunately leads to fighting between the groups. As the fights continue, less and less gets done.

Even when one side has come up with a plan that could help, the other side often gets in the way. The sides will clash until either one side wins with a compromise or nobody wins.

So with the cells constantly fighting each other, they end up ignoring their duties. As more time passes with the cell doing nothing, the body suffers. At this rate, the cells will end up causing the body to fall apart. The loss of the body will be the end of the cells and all that the body once protected.