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By SAHAR DIKA, Arts & Entertainment Editor

It starts out like any other American Eagle Outfitters ad. Good-looking young people sport the company’s latest trends while they pursue their dreams. “I like skinny jeans. Sometimes, they’re not skinny enough.” Actors show off the new American Eagle skinny-skinny jeans that are apparently sold in a can and can be purchased for men or women in bright light and indigo. If you look closely, you’ll see that the actors aren’t wearing any pants at all. The jeans are painted onto their bodies.

Vice President of Brand marketing for American eagle, Bob Holobinko said, “We wanted to have fun with our fans,” during an interview on the Today Show on Friday. “And the response has been incredible.” And it has been. The companies YouTube ad went viral as of Friday morning.

A link under the video redirects viewers to the American Eagle website where they can “purchase” the new skinny-skinny jeans. “Our skinniest skinny jeans ever. Lookin’ tight,” reads the ad on their website. The spoof eventually ends when customers attempt to purchase the spray jeans and a prompt pops up saying that the jeans are sold out. It then request that you enter your email address below to get information on when they are back in stock.

The ad definitely generated some attention in a way that was funny and appealing to consumers. After all, you are redirected to their site, may enter your email address and are more likely to shop when you receive promotions from the label. Holobinko said there might be more ads to come in the near future. “We think of it as a journey,” he said. “So this is the first installment.”