Laura Clark/MJ
Laura Clark/MJ

By DENISE CROUCH, Staff Writer

Envelope please, and the award goes to…Nope, it’s not the Oscars, but this event didn’t fall short of winners, with 91 to be exact.

The Thirty-First Annual Honors Scholars and Faculty Awards Ceremony was held this past Tuesday evening, March 26th, in Kochoff Hall in the University Center.

Students who have excelled academically along with faculty and staff who have distinguished themselves in teaching, research and service were honored during this occasion, ranking on the same level of importance as graduation.

The night kicked off with a short reception at 5:30, followed by dinner at 6:00 and presentations at 7:00.

Faculty members receiving praise for their work are as follows:

Distinguished Service Award-Suzanne Bergeron, professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Social Sciences

Distinguished Research Award-Stephane Spoiden, professor of French

Distinguished Teaching Award (Tenured)-Dr. Julie Taylor, associate professor in the School of Education

Distinguished Teaching Award (Non-Tenured)-Dr. Nehal Patel, assistant professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology

Distinguished Teaching Award (Lecturer)-Thomas Steiner, LEO Lecturer II in the Department of Computer Information Science

2013 Collegiate Lecturer Award-Dr. Claudia Walters, LEO Lecturer II of Geography in the Department of Social Sciences

Honor scholar awards were divided between different programs and one student per degree program. The College of Arts, Sciences and Letters had the lead with 36 recipients followed by College of Engineering and Computer Science with 18, School of Education with 14, College of Business also with 14 and three graduate students with dual degrees.