(Photo courtesy of Andrew McFarlane on Flickr under CC license)
(Photo courtesy of Andrew McFarlane on Flickr under CC license)


The University of Michigan-Dearborn Political Science Association will be hosting the second Made in Michigan, Stayed in Michigan speaker series on Monday April 1st from 5-6pm in CASL 1071. PSA is more then honored to be welcoming State Representative, Rashida Tlaib to speak on her experiences of growing up in Michigan and her journey to getting where she is today.

Dennis Lienhardt, President of the Political Science Association stated “I am excited for this speaker series because there are a lot of University of Michigan-Dearborn students that plan on staying in Michigan after they graduate. It’s really great to hear from individuals who have been dedicated to Michigan their whole life.”

Rashida Tlaib was raised in Detroit, Michigan by her parents and has been dedicated to the state of Michigan, since she earned her B.A. in Political Science from Wayne State University in 1988. She understands the hard work and commitment it takes to accomplish your goals and reach success.

Rashida attended the Thomas Cooley Law School and received her degree in law in 2004, while working full-time and attending weekend classes. She has been very involved in service work and giving back to the community, since graduating from college and has been inspired to do good for others.

During the year of 2008, Rashida was elected to the Michigan House of Representatives, where she represented the 12th district court located in Detroit. It was very clear that she was determined to make a difference, while serving her first term as a Representative, which others took notice in the work she was participating in.

Rashida was then appointed to take part in the House Appropriations Committee, serving as the Minority Vice Chair of Judiciary and Department of Community Health Subcommittees. Serving on this committee, “Rashida worked on over thirty bills, including combating poverty, increasing access to human services, protecting our public health and environment, and promoting public safety.” All these issues needed addressing, which she was able to take part in.

Her biggest accomplishment is not just the work she does in Lansing as State Representative, but helping serve the neighborhood service center, which has 12 different programs being geared towards low income families. These families are in need and could use the extra help, where Rashida is willing to take the extra step in giving back.

Many students studying Political Science will be attending this event to hear Rashida’s story, which should be influential to hear the path she took and how she overcame many struggles growing up in Detroit. Wedad Ibrahim, Vice President of the Political Science Association stated “I am really looking forward to this event because Rashida is a motivational speaker and any person who is looking to go into politics would really benefit from hearing her speak.”

The Political Science Association hopes to see you there and is excited to hear Rashida’s story. There will be light refreshments served. Irene Mo, Secretary of the Political Science Association thinks “the unique thing about this speaker series is that all the speakers are dedicated to the revitalization of Detroit. They really care about students and their future for Michigan.”