(Photo courtesy of Cerebro Humano on Flickr)
(Photo courtesy of Cerebro Humano on Flickr)

By YARA BEYDOUN, Staff Columnist

 Jake Bugg is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter born in Nottingham, England. His folk rock style has elevated his status in the UK, as he is already being compared to Bob Dylan. Indeed Bugg’s self-titled debut album echoes the sounds of a 1950’s rock & roll record, with its vivid storytelling, raw-like production, and a singer who is charmingly depressing.

 The album opens with the track “Lightning Bolt.” It’s an upbeat tune to which Bugg strums his guitar enthusiastically—despite the lyrics: “Morning, it’s another pure grey morning.” It’s ballad that could be meant for Ponyboy and his crew from The Outsiders, for despite their troubles, they still look too cool.

 One of the main topics in the album is Bugg’s restlessness as he tries to leave his home and live a more meaningful life. His indie folk sound and thought provoking lyrics sometimes resemble a younger version of the Tallest Man on Earth, as in the song “Troubled Town,” where he sings: “Stuck in speed bump city where the only thing that’s pretty is the thought of gettin’ out.”

 At times, though, it gets a bit cliché such as in Bugg’s “Country Song.” Still, there seems to be a bright future for this young singer and his old soul.