Chris Zadorozny/MJ
Chris Zadorozny/MJ

It should really be a holiday in Detroit, because that’s exactly what it feels like. Fans come from all around to tailgate, to come together and celebrate the opening of baseball season. Opening Day is one of the busiest, but most fun days seen in the city all year.

There are parties galore, block parties, bands playing, bars and pubs jam-packed, tents and DJ’s rented, beer guzzled and most importantly, the Old English D is everywhere.

The Tigers season opened with a bang this past weekend with the largest crowd ever at Opening Day at Comerica Park. A record crowd of 45,051 showed up to support their hometown team.

There were parties all over Downtown Detroit. Grand Circus Park had a block party. Greektown closed off the entire Monroe block for parties. Campus Martius, the center of Downtown Detroit was having a party. The Fillmore Theater had a party.

It seemed like everywhere you were in Downtown Detroit, there was party. It was for good reasons too, the Tigers brought people back downtown after a rough winter without hockey (until that came back in late January).

The weather wasn’t that bad either. A bit cloudy on the second and third games, but the home opener was bright, sunny, very little wind, you probably couldn’t have asked for a better day.

The only unfortunate thing coming out of Opening Day was the mess that Metro Detroiters made. It was like everyone came down from out of town (townies), left garbage and didn’t care about the city itself.

Luckily, there are some great citizens in the city that helped clean up the trash Metro Detroiters left. Cheli’s Chili Bar right next to Comerica Park was bumping all weekend. Channel 955 (95.5 FM) was there, and 89X (88.7 FM) was at the Dirty Trick bar in Grand Circus Park.

The famous Slows BBQ had a party over in Corktown, while the UM-Detroit Center was having their own Opening Day viewing party.

Detroit really threw a great party for the Tigers opening day, and the way things could go all season for the team, Downtown could be hopping every day the Tigers play.