(Logo courtesy of UM-Dearborn Student Government)
(Logo courtesy of UM-Dearborn Student Government)

By SARAH LEWIS, Editor-in-Chief



The results are finally in – One Michigan Coalition has won the 2013 Student Government elections.

 Wedad Ibrahim (OMC) and [redacted] were elected as President and Vice President.

 “I am very proud of all candidates involved in this year’s Student Government elections. With over 1,300 students voting this year, it is great to see so many students taking the time to vote. I would like to congratulate all of the candidates who received a seat this year, especially Wedad and [redacted],” Student Government President Dennis Lienhardt said.

 Over 1,300 students cast a vote this year, which is at least 500 more than last year, according to a source in Student Government.

 “I’m ecstatic, obviously,” Ibrahim said. “I’m proud of all the work everyone put in. It was a team effort. To have every senator running under OMC win was perfect.”

 The President and Vice President won by 7 percent of the vote. The new Executive Board and Senators will be inaugurated on April 19.

 “I’m very excited. I’m glad to see the student body believes in OMC to take on another year. I’m excited to work alongside the senators and E-board this upcoming year,” [redacted] said.

Student Government 2013 election results were released late Monday morning. The complete list of election results can be found at MichiganJournal.org.