(Courtesy: UMD.UMICH.EDU)
(Courtesy: UMD.UMICH.EDU)

By NOUHAD ALAME, Staff Writer

Students, fans, staff, and alumni excitedly lined up Friday March 29th at 3 pm in preparation for a special event in honor of Dr. Mark DeCamp to reflect upon his efforts as an Associate Professor of Chemistry and a Pre-Professional Advisor. The Pre-Professional Health Society (PPHS), in conjunction with a number of student organizations hosted a luncheon in honor of Dr. Mark DeCamp. In attempt to reenact some of his very personal qualities with a sort of humbleness that students won’t forget, a “Roast and Toast” was offered on his behalf along with several other special gifts presented by students.

The whole event was sponsored and organized by the Pre-Professional Health Society and all those interested in pursuing a health-related career and who have worked alongside of Dr. DeCamp, seeking his expertise advice to help guide them through their struggles and achievements altogether. The Pre-Professional Health Society (PPHS) is a group for all pre-health students at UM-D, whether interested in allopathic medicine, osteopathic medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, PA, PT, public health, or any other health-related field, and it welcomes all those who are interested.

As if the humorous video-clip presented by his Organic Chemistry students wasn’t enough, a wonderful surprise came afterwards which would make one of Dr. DeCamp’s dreams become reality. A scholarship in his name for pre-professional students was announced that very same day which deeply touched him. Although the upcoming months of May and June will be the last in which Dr. DeCamp will be regularly on campus for the year, he will continue with his pre- medical advising even after his retirement becomes official at the end of the next academic year.

Dr. DeCamp alongside with other UM-D staff members have put together time-consuming efforts to help ensure the success of their students on a yearly basis, while making sure to present crucial information pertaining to graduate admission requirements, application processes, and tips that will surely guarantee the success of our students. Although Dr. DeCamp will not be teaching Organic Chemistry 225 and Organic Chemistry 226 (II) after June 2013, he will still be on campus offering his never-faltering advice. Take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts as Dr. DeCamp will continue to give essential advice with experience like none other.