(Chris Zadorozny)


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Come September of 2013, the students on this campus will be known as the Wolverines. The name change will be official. The nickname of Wolves will be a thing of the past, but don’t let it go too far. In a sense, all of us are still Wolves, we just upgraded a bit.

I bet everyone is excited for the Wolverines nickname. I mean, come on, you’re getting a Michigan degree and you get to now be known as Wolverines. Who wouldn’t be excited about that? I can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t be happy about this change.

(Chris Zadorozny)

I can think of a problem that has been cursing this campus for a long time though, at least in the four years that I’ve been here. Our campus sports teams get no support from the students.

I’m not sure if that’s because there is a lack of knowledge, that students don’t know we have sports teams, or if it’s because we are a commuter campus up until this coming September when The Union at Dearborn opens.

Sure, we love the Ann Arbor sports, such the football and basketball teams, who just went to the Championship game, only to fall just short of the title.

We may not have the best talent, and that’s not to knock our athletes, but the team records will back that up. What our athletes do have is heart and drive to succeed as student-athletes on this campus.

I know many of them, both personally, as a student, and as the sports editor. They are great students and they really want some help in the cheering department at the fieldhouse.

We currently have eight varsity programs on campus. Those include; Men’s and Women’s basketball, Men’s and Women’s cross country, ice hockey (Varsity-Club), Men’s soccer, softball, and volleyball.

The hockey team was only a few wins short of making the national tournament in Chicago, and both the volleyball team and women’s basketball team made the WHAC Tournament.

Our teams are on the up and up, especially as the Wolverines and some recruiting done with the new student housing coming in.

I’ve been here for four years now. I’ve been involved with sports since the moment I stepped on campus. I had to get involved. Haven’t you ever wanted a student cheering section? Something to do on the weekends if you aren’t working?

I know I have, but it’s never come to fruition. Its been tried before, and its happened a select few times, but not nearly enough.

As I finish up classes over the summer, I hope that you, the students, find a way to support your campus sports. When the Wolverines name is implemented in the fall, I hope that you pride yourselves in that name, even more than the Wolves name and come out and support your campus athletics. We have some great programs that need some help and support, and the students need to come out in droves starting in September, when the Wolverines name comes to campus.