Facebook has made a change to its timeline once again. The change to the timeline was announced in March and was recently unveiled to Facebook users. Users profile page went from cluttered and hard to read, to simple and organized.

“The new News Feed has more of a visual look, with bigger photos, video and elements of one’s profile in Timeline to appeal to consumers and businesses. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, states the company hopes to reduce “clutter” and increase engagement on one’s Facebook page.”

The changes include all the posts being in a single column on the right side of the person’s page. On the left side is about me, friends, photos, places you have checked in at, music, films, TV programs, books, games, likes, and any recent activity.

When asked the question “What do you think of the new look of the Facebook timeline?” Student Denise Crouch stated, “It definitely looks more organized than it did before the change.”

The updated timeline now has specific tabs, which users are able to look through reviews, recommendations, and any news that is related to any of the media the user enjoys. Facebook creators’ hope that your friends will be able to better connect with you based on the types of media you consume and any favorite apps. The timeline will be able to better represent the user.

Student Kathlyn Mooradian stated “I honestly don’t care about the changes to the Facebook timeline and if anybody cares that much, then they can find something else to do with their time.”

“Facebook currently has over one billion active users, which more than half of users view Facebook on their mobile devices, as of September 2012.”

“The United States has the most Facebook users compared to other countries and currently has 168.8 million users, then Brazil with 64.6 million users and India with 62.6 million users.”