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Creative Commons license

By Sully Hamad, Guest Writer

First Lady Michelle Obama will be making a uncommon venture into politics. The First Lady will be giving a speech on gun violence, which plays a vital activist role during Presidents Obama’s second term.

While the first lady’s primary focus related to military families and childhood nutrition, she is putting that aside to channel her attention on the horrific reality of young citizens being shot down in the cities of America. According to officials of the White House, the first lady will giver her speech not from perspective of a gun-control booster, but the perspective of a mother.

Michelle Obama is risking her pervasive popularity by attempting to spread her husband’s legislative agenda. Which she has been criticized for the bizarre move?  Not all criticism is negative, Valerie Jarrett, a senior White House advisor said

“The speech is deeply personal, She will really speak from the heart as a mom, as a Chicagoan and as somebody who cares intensely about providing young people with the opportunities that they need to achieve their full potential.”

Meanwhile, Obama will attend and speak at a Chicago downtown fundraising luncheon for a new, $50-million public-private advantage on the edge youth violence. Former White House chief of staff, and Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel, will introduce the first lady, and lets not forget the estimated 800 business executives and prominent civic leaders plan to grab a seat and listen to the great cause.

After enduring the probability of attending the biggest ticket in town, across the street 29 Harper students over the year have been shot, which Obama will then visit students at Harper High, having the reputation of Chicago’s most dangerous schools.