By SARAH LEWIS, Editor-in-Chief

In the beginning of my college days, I was like most commuters: I went to class, sat in my car in between classes, and went home immediately after. There was a time when my mom would drive to campus to pick me up for lunch nearly every day when I was a freshman simply because I had no friends here.

Before I found a home in The Michigan Journal, I joined Phi Mu in winter of 2011. I never realized that commuter campuses held such a vibrant Greek life, but once I joined, I couldn’t have been happier.

Not only did Phi Mu offer me friendships, but a gateway to leadership as well as an opportunity to help a philanthropy after my own heart, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

I’m so close to graduation now that I will be a part time student for my last two semesters here, which means I will no longer be an active member in my sorority. Talk about bittersweet.

Formals and Semi-Formals happened each year in Phi Mu, and I never realized that I would really have a last Formal until it already came and went.

To me, dances are a staple of youth. Homecomings, Snowballs, Sadie Hawkins, and Proms in high school. Semi-Formals and Formals in college, and now that’s all behind me. With the passing of my last “dance” I think this whole graduation and adulthood thing really hit me.

In two short semesters, I won’t have the comfort of these university walls anymore. I won’t have dances. But I will have some of the best friends I have ever made even though I thought it was going to be impossible to fit in during my first semester as a freshman. It wasn’t impossible.

In high school, I never would have imagined myself to be a sorority girl. Ever. But now, I can’t imagine not being in this sorority because it has truly changed my life and changed me for the better.

Hey, if it wasn’t for Phi Mu I would have never made the connections to join The Michigan Journal in the first place, and I probably wouldn’t have written this article.

So here’s what I have to say to you, dear readers…hold onto those people who are your backbone. Don’t be scared to try new things and go against the thoughts of who you should be and instead just be.

Here’s to Phi Mu, and to my mom for driving to campus everyday that first semester because she knew she needed to and for telling me to follow my heart and join the sorority that started to change everything over two years ago.