By ANNA SHERMAK, Guest Writer

The University of Michigan-Dearborn has opened a new campus dinning service called SODEXO. The on-campus dining is located in the University Center and on the Fairlane Center South campus.

The dining services have a variety of options for students to choose from. The company decided to keep what seems to be the most popular option, Subway. Automatically my attention was drawn right to the new McKinley café that proudly serves Starbucks coffee. Being a frequent Starbucks customer I was quite pleased with the quality of my drink.

For lunch I decided to make it simple and grab a cheeseburger and fries, and I enjoyed every bite of my burger.

Later in the week I chose to try a chicken sandwich, which surprisingly was good. Maybe it was the fact that it was cooked fresh, or possibly it was the mystery sauce put on everything. Either way,  the food so far has surpassed my standards for campus dining.

I really enjoy the variety of food that is offered here. UM-D has several restaurants that are equally delicious. During my lunch period I plan on eating at the University Center and grabbing a cup of coffee before I hit my next class.

Now, no restaurant is perfect. Granted the new food court has good food there are some down sides. The food is expensive for a college student on a budget. The burger and fries I tried was good, but it was also almost over $7. My biggest complaint would be the hours the food court is open. Monday through Thursday it is open from 8to 6, Fridays it is open from 8 to 3, and Saturday and Sunday it is not open. Unfortunately for me this was where I was planning on eating all of my meals this year since cooking never seems to work for me. The hours of operation have put a dent into the eating plans of myself and other students.

Although the food court has its disadvantages, let’s be honest what food court doesn’t? They still manage to feed all of their customers, provide excellent customer service, and produce food that satisfies its customers, which is the most important qualities that a food court can have. Overall I plan on eating here for the rest of the year and I would recommend that other students try it too.