With the start of the new semester comes new classes, new clothes, new friends, and new people to annoy you in class. I’m not just talking about “takes his shoes off in class” guy, or “complains about every aspect of the class” girl. Those irritating people are nothing new to seasoned students. What I’m describing is a new breed of annoying peers: the nosy classmate.

These people aren’t the ones who ask what page we’re on or if you studied for the final. The nosy classmate begins by asking your name, your major, where you’re from, and so on. Seems harmless and friendly, right? Wrong. Before you know it, they will ask what grade you got on your exam, how long you study for each class, and even where you parked your car.

You will soon terrify yourself with thoughts of how to get them out of your life. These bothersome habits will eventually cause this particular strain of classmate to mutate into the ever-hated gossip. Without realizing it, the entire class will know that you didn’t do so well on the first paper, your detailed feelings about the professor, and your grade in the class. These parasitic people must be stopped. They are in no position to pass judgment on you due to the fact that they have a shrine to Randy Jackson in their bedroom closet

College is about growing, learning, and realizing how to socialize with all types of people. Unfortunately, most of these people suck. They are the things angry Tumblr posts are made of. We all work hard and deserve to avoid the girl in flood pants criticizing the B+ you worked really hard to get. It is easy to let these nosy people slither their way into your life and make you question yourself. And, no matter how hard you try, sometimes they get to you. Just remember the reason you are here. Whatever that reason may be, I am damn sure it is not to please that nosy jerk sitting behind you, probably sniffing your hair.