Love him or hate him, Sidney Crosby is the best player in the National Hockey League right now. This may be an opinions article, but this isn’t just my opinion, it’s fact.

Sidney Crosby currently sits at fourth all time in points per game, at 1.415 . The only players who averaged more points per game were Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, and Mike Bossy. In fact, there isn’t even another player currently playing in the NHL that cracks the top 10 all time PPG leaders.

Some argue that Crosby is an injury liability, pointing out his recurring concussion issues. While this may be true and is definitely something to be taken into account when drafting for a fantasy league, injury has never affected his play. Crosby has played consistently well through injury. In the last three seasons he has only played 99 games, but has put up 159 points, making for 1.6 PPG despite injury.
Crosby was the youngest player to win the Art Ross as well as the Lester B. Pearson award. He was the youngest player to make the first All-Star team. The youngest to lead NHL playoffs in scoring, as well as the youngest to record 200 career points.
I’m not going to touch on the value of leadership, much has been said about how valuable a strong leader and a good captain is. Sidney Crosby was the youngest captain in NHL history prior to Gabriel Landeskog’s captaincy in the 2012-2013 season.
Crosby is also a clutch playoff performer. He is not only 4th all time in regular season PPG, but 4th all time in postseason PPG at 1.280.
The numbers don’t lie; Crosby will put up points, he will be a threat, and injury will not slow down his production. The next time you start trash talking Sid the Kid, you should realize number-wise he’s the best player in the league