Amanda Gosline/ MJ

By SARAH LEWIS, Editor-in-Chief

Amanda Gosline/ MJ

During this summer break I enjoyed taking part in some of my favorite warm weather activities that involved no do-or-die decision-making.

What did I have to decide between? Lounging by the pool, reading while lounging by the pool, blogging while lounging by the pool, sleeping while lounging by the pool, and my newest obsession: watching Netflix.

Although I did leave the poolside to socialize from time to time, I tried my best to finish an entire series, Doctor Who to be exact, in only a month’s time. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to squeeze seven seasons into three and a half weeks, tried as I might.

Now that classes have started again, I can feel my Netflix account growing dusty and softly singing, “Baby, come back…,” but I can’t. I’m starting my senior year at this university, and I’ve decided I need to make it absolutely fantastic.

If I could convince every single freshmen, new, or even uninvolved student to join The Michigan Journal, I would graduate a very happy girl.

But I think it’s more important for all those people to decide where their place is, whether it’s with my organization or not, just as long as they’re spending more time on campus than watching Netflix.

I wish I could go back and yank my first semester freshmen self out of my car where I ate my lunch alone and force myself to get involved instead of sulking. ALLONS-Y!

Trust me when I say this, I had no friends during the beginning of my first semester. It sucked, honestly, and I wanted to transfer because I was miserable. Once I gathered up the courage to put myself out there and get involved, I ended up joining a sorority and The Michigan Journal.

College is the time when we make the easy decisions. I’m scared of what I have to decide once I walk across the stage during graduation. What jobs do I apply to? When will I move out on my own? How will I save enough to buy a car and apartment? So, naturally, I’m pushing those questions to the wayside for now and focusing on my last year as a college student.

If you’re scared and trying to find your place, don’t worry; it’s simply the pattern of new horizons, and we all face them. Just take a deep breath and jump right in. Geronimo.