My car’s lack of a CD player has always served to further depress me about getting behind the

wheel. My drive often consists of station hopping between Hot 107.5 (unless the Five O’Clock

Beat Down is on, then I keep it locked) and 93.9, trying to find some sort of decent music.

Recently, my musical boredom has become increasingly irksome, and I have begun to simply

keep pressing the “Seek” button until I find something I like. This is how I happened upon

what I am sure is the cultured Canadian’s gift to the unculutured America – 89.9, the Canadian

Broadcasting Channel.


Blame it all on Brett Dennen, for it was his unmistakable West Coast whine that caught my ears

as I mindlessly flipped through stations. As I paused to listen to what I later discovered was a

cover of Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright,” I was immediately relaxed by the soft

strings and simple acoustics that accompanied Dennen’s and Ted Lennon’s croonings. This

song was followed by a blues song by someone who had Simon and Garfunkel (whom I admire

immensely) open for him, which was then followed by a folky gospel tune. Twelve hours later,

and there is 80’s music spliced with snippets of international news. Three hours after that, and

opera/orchestral songs are blaring from my speakers. I could not believe the wide variety that

this station played – it was as though there was no overarching genre, and whoever happened to

be DJing at the moment played whatever the hell they wanted. And I totally dug it.


I realized that, while I have always enjoyed a wide range of music (except country and most

heavy metal/screamo), there is much I have been missing out on. Despite the fact that I have a

neighbor who blasts operettas from his garage while he watches cars go by in a folding chair,

classical music is something I have never truly explored. Pandora just isn’t cutting it anymore,

especially when almost all of my stations have morphed into a perpetual Mumford and Sons



As I cruised to work listening to excerpts from Carmen, Evita, and Romeo and Juliet, I found a

new and strange appreciation for the metro Detroit area. I mean, how many other places in the

country can you pick up international radio stations that feature such a vast collection of music?

Not many, I would hazard to guess.


While we will forever be superior in the hockey arena, I have to say it – those Canadians really

know what constitutes good music.