The Union is not the only new addition to the University of Michigan-Dearborn; the crosswalk on Evergreen Road has been installed to ensure the safe crossing of students from The Union to campus.

The crosswalk is of some concern for safety reasons. The city of Dearborn has installed a light, which pedestrians can control when they want to cross the road to get to campus.

The light remains black until a button is pressed, which gives the pedestrian the right of way.

“This system is in wide use and has federal and state approval,” said Richard Gordon, the chief and director of UM- Dearborn Public Safety.

The city of Dearborn police and Campus Safety are taking their precautions to make the crosswalk safe for pedestrians, drivers, and bicyclists.

Gordon, has sent out an email to UM-Dearborn students informing them of the precautions. The email includes all the measures the Dearborn Police and Campus Safety are taking to ensure the protection of those who walk, drive, and bike.

Student government was asked to assist with ensuring a safe crosswalk by placing volunteers at the crosswalk during certain times of the day.

“We have asked student government to assist us by placing volunteers at the crosswalk during peak periods to assist students in better understanding the light system,” Gordon continues, “student government is currently working on recruiting the volunteers.”

The safety of the students is important to Gordon and his staff.

“I think the system simply takes a little getting used to, and the student volunteers should be a big help. Also, a message will be soon sent out to campus about the crosswalk along with an attached video showing precisely the light is activated and what pedestrians can expect,” Gordon said.

Law enforcers are not the only ones who care about the crosswalk, so do the people who use it. Paige Altherr, a freshman at UM-D and a resident at The Union, is happy with the new addition of the crosswalk. Altherr feels the crosswalk is safe and has no problem with it.

“I think it is a very safe addition. All you have to do is press the button and wait for the sign to tell you it is safe to walk across,” she continues, “In my opinion, The Union did a fantastic job making sure all safety precautions were taken.”

Altherr is one of many who feel comfortable and safe using the crosswalk.

“The crosswalk is a great addition for us students at The Union. It does not freak me out at all. Drivers are courteous and they always stop when students are crossing,” Altherr added.

The precautions and safety methods being taken by the Dearborn Police and Campus Safety are so far affective. They will continue to educate and keep everyone safe in regards to the crosswalk.