Ricky Lindsay, Editor in Chief

By RICKY LINDSAY, Sports Editor

There’s a reason why you’re here.

A reason why you picked up this issue or found it online; a reason why you’re reading this right now.

You attend the University of Michigan-Dearborn for a reason. We all do. Maybe you’re only here for the Michigan degree, maybe you wish you went to the Ann Arbor campus. Perhaps you’re at UM-Dearborn because you really want to be here.

Most of you have considered yourself Wolverines since stepping foot on this campus. Maybe you didn’t know that the Wolves used to be our mascot, or maybe you didn’t care.

Well, none of that matters now. We’re officially the Wolverines.

But now, there’s something you need to do. Think of it as your civil duty on the campus of UM-Dearborn.

It’s time to support your fellow UM-Dearborn Wolverines.

No longer do you have to pretend that you go to the Ann Arbor campus to be able to say that you’re a Wolverine. The same can be said for supporting our athletic teams on campus.

Sure, you’re never going to see high profile athletes like Devin Gardner or Mitch McGary, but that doesn’t matter. You go to the games because the system works. A strong and rich heritage that was built hundreds of years ago formed the foundation.

Long ago, someone started doing all those things that work today, such as the atmosphere from game day experience and tailgates that make it an event in and of itself. At the time, their peers probably though they were crazy, but look what they were able to do: revolutionize the way sports work.

With hard work and dedication, that can happen at UM-Dearborn. But it can never happen if nobody does anything about it.

And it all starts with you.

Rather than ignore or even exclude the Dearborn part after University of Michigan, choose to embrace it. A large amount of alumni choose to take the other route, pretending they attended the Ann Arbor campus when they really came here to Dearborn.

Stop lying to yourself and everyone else. There’s a reason why they do it, but there’s also one for why they came to UM-Dearborn in the first place.

Changing the perception of athletics here on campus can’t be done alone. It certainly won’t ever be done if you choose to ignore it.

It starts with being proud that you go to the University of Michigan-Dearborn. The next step is going out there to support your fellow Wolverines at the fieldhouse and other venues around Dearborn this fall.

There’s a reason why you go to UM-Dearborn, so be proud of it and work to improve athletics on campus.