The seasons have inevitably changed and now the dilemma you face is an existential one: What to wear?

It’s fall people and it is also my favorite time of year: trench coat season.

Everyone needs a good trench coat. It clouds you in an air of mystery. Is that woman in the trench a hooker? Is that man a banker or assassin? Or even worse, a public masturbator?

There is a common misconception that the changing of seasons requires a complete change of wardrobe. But why not recycle? That plaid shirt you wore to a family BBQ in July would be perfect with a pair of skinny jeans and boots to give you the good ole Sarah Palin vibe: down to earth, irrationally hopeful that one day you can politically relevant and just fashionable enough to hide that low IQ behind something cute.

And just because it’s getting chillier outside doesn’t mean you should fold those tee-shirts and tuck them in some deep, dark corner of your closet until the sun makes an appearance in ten months. A simple tee looks great for men paired with a sports coat and dark pants. And for either sex, wear it with a nice sweater and dress it up with a scarf to give you comfort and style without the hassle.

Then of course there is the controversial fashion accessory: the beanie..

With the wave of hipsters sweeping the nation, this once cute accessory has become a symbol of this sub-par group of new age hippies. But the key to rocking a beanie successfully this fall is confidence. Sometimes you wake up and just can’t muster the motivation to quaff your hair and the beanie is the perfect solution. Cute on girls, cool on guys, it’s unfortunate that this simple hat has succumbed to society’s stereotypes of hipsters.

But if you wear one and are labeled a hipster the best thing you can do is own it!

One fall must-have, whether you are male or female, is a pair of boots. Now, I’m not talking old Western cowboy boots; I’m talking about a nice clean pair of black or, even better, brown leather boots. Nothing is sexier on a woman than thigh-high boots, as long as you have the legs to pull them off. But boots that come to the calf look great on men and women. It’s casually nice while dressing up a simple look like jeans and a Henley.

Now to address the matter of size. I lean more towards tight-fitting clothing just because I don’t like the feeling of wearing pajamas out in public if I wear oversized baggy shirts or sweaters. But I do understand why people like the comfort and coziness of an XL pullover. Caution though: women can pull of baggy clothing and still look cute; men cannot.

It took me a long time to come to terms with this fact, but just because you’re a man does not mean you have to buy strictly men’s clothing. The same rule applies to women. Being 5’5 and having a waist size of a teenage boy, I have always found it extremely difficult to buy pants. So one day at the mall, after much convincing from my gay friend, I bit the bullet and tried on a pair of women’s jeans. They fit perfectly to my surprise. And what a convenience that I could buy pants without getting them hemmed!

While it may be hard for you to do this, sometimes the other gender has better sizes for you. And just because the tag says “women” doesn’t mean that article of clothing looks feminine. We live in a commercialized era where clothing size is generic for the masses. But if you are like me and on the petite size or abnormally tall, just know that you still have options. Just try a different section of the store.

Here are just a few fashion tips to get your wardrobe vamped and ready for the new season. But don’t get too settled in your new trends for Michigan weather changes fast. And as they say in Game of Thrones: “Winter is coming.”

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