Rebcca Gallagher/MJ
Rebecca Gallagher/MJ

By TYESHA VINSON, Student Life Editor

The Student Activities Board (SAB) hosted a Man Overboard concert on Friday, September 20. The “Where I Left You” singers blew the roof off of The House of Maize and Blue with their pop punk sound.

Before the concert even began students and their guests were lining up outside of The Union’s theater waiting for the doors to open.

Some of the people in attendance decided to pass the time by playing pool in The Victor’s Den, meeting new people while watching one of the many televisions and singing along with the tunes provided by WUMD Radio.

As soon as the doors opened, the crowd rushed in to see Man Overboard perform. The band performed for an hour as students living in The Union filtered into the audience.

University of Michigan-Dearborn students and their guests cheered, sang along and shouted with the band. They tapped their feet and danced to the beat for the entire show. The House of Maize and Blue was definitely the place to be this past Friday night.

Man Overboard was very entertaining, to listen to and to watch, during the entire set. The band did a great job of engaging the audience and getting everyone excited for the show.

The band managed to draw an even larger crowd of students during the show. Students passing by The House of Maize and Blue had no choice but to hear the crashing cymbals, the bold sounds of the guitars and the thumping of the bass.

They heard the loud music pumping through the speakers and they couldn’t help but come to check out the show.

Everyone at the concert seemed so excited to be watching a band of Man Overboard’s caliber perform at the UM-Dearborn campus. After the concert, students rushed to the table in the back of the theater to purchase Man Overboard merchandise.

SAB did a great job putting this event together. When it comes to giving students new and exciting things to do, they definitely do their best to get students involved.

At a university like UM-Dearborn, there is no reason to not get involved. There aren’t too many schools that would have a free concert for a band that has performed in front of people other than their parents.

This isn’t the first concert SAB has brought to UM-Dearborn and it definitely won’t be the last. Be on the lookout for flyers and posters for other events happening on campus.