Ashley White/MJ

By ASHLEY WHITE, Staff Writer

Career Services hosted Ford Day at the University of Michigan-Dearborn last Tuesday.
Ford Day gives students the opportunity to meet with Ford recruiters and learn about the company, employment opportunities and even check out the latest Ford vehicles.
“Ford is interested in talking to Finance majors, accounting majors and all engineering majors. They love coming to UM-Dearborn,” said Mai Qazzaz, Career Planning Counselor for Career Services.
Ford has been coming to UM-Dearborn for the past 3 years and many of the Ford recruiters that come in are UM-Dearborn alumni. “It’s really wonderful to have them on campus because they hire lots and lots of our students as interns,” said Qazzaz. “It’s also nice because a lot of the faces that we see today, they were once students here at one point. We helped them and now they are here to recruit our students.”
The cool thing about Ford Day is that its gives students the chance to learn about Ford in an informal setting, “This gives us multiple opportunities to interact with students in a way that you wouldn’t be able to at a career fair,” said Tom Steiner, Risk IT Supervisor for Ford and College of Engineering Professor at UM-Dearborn.
Ford Day consisted of two sessions with the first session being held in Kochoff from 12 to 2pm. The second session was held in the College of Business Dining Room from 3 to 5pm. During the sessions, Ford gave a presentation that gave a background of the company and the programs that were offered to students. After the presentation, students had the opportunity to network with Ford recruiters and ask them any questions.
Ford is looking for students to participate in their Ford College Graduate Program (FCG). The FCG
program offers employment to students and allows them to rotate through three different areas within three years. “We want students to try something that they didn’t learn in the classroom,” said Steiner.
Many of the recruiters from Ford Day will be back for the 2013 Fall Career Fair that takes place on October 3. The fair will be held at Fairlane Center North, Quad E and is open to all majors.
If you are graduating soon or in the market for a job, here are some tips to help you get the job you want.
• Dress professionally. I can’t stress this enough, especially since first impressions are everything.
• Bring a copy of your resume. Even if you have already emailed your resume to a potential employer, bring an extra copy to the interview. Also, make sure its print on nice stock paper. Kinkos has great options.
• Prepare for the interview. Go over commonly asked interview questions so that you’re not caught off guard.  Be prepared to give an example of a task that you put on your resume.
• If possible, send a thank you letter. This may seem old or cliché, but sending a hand-written thank you card leaves a great lasting impression and is most likely to set you apart from other candidates. If you can’t mail a card, an email is suffice.
Students interested in applying for the FCG program must apply online at Also visit the Career Services office in the UC for any questions you may have while looking for employment.