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By Chelsea Rauss, Staff Writer

With the beginning of the fall semester, recruitment season is right around the corner. Greek Life Information Night was held on September 18 for all prospective sorority and fraternity members.

At the meeting, a panel assembled to discuss various topics, including why they joined Greek Life, their favorite part, and advice for anybody considering joining. The meeting included members from the Panhellenic Council, the National Panhellenic Council, and the North American Interfraternity Conference.

Greek Life offers a chance for students to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Those who invest the energy are rewarded with lifelong friends and contacts, student leadership opportunities, and academic help. Paige Heaven of Phi Sigma Sigma said, “You’re introduced to a whole new way of life, a home away from home.”

Regardless of each chapter’s individual mission, Greek Life promotes personal development through responsibility to oneself, each other, and the community. Gabby Rodriquez stated,“It’s more than just an organization on campus, but a commitment. It changes the way you think, positively. You respect people more.”

When joining a sorority or fraternity, one becomes a member of a large network that extends throughout not only the school, but other schools in different states as well. Individuals can choose how much (or little) involvement they want, depending on their chapter.

Highlighted experiences included philanthropy events, where the Greeks work together to raise money, even if it’s not their own chapter’s cause. When this is the case, “It doesn’t matter what set of letters you’re wearing.”

As far as advice for potential newcomers goes, the panel said, “Go for it.” A few members agreed that hesitating amounted to missed opportunities. Still, they stressed conscientiousness. In selecting the correct sorority or fraternity, it is important to weigh your options. Despite what seems alluring at first, it is crucial to get to know the personalities and causes within and “find what you click with most as an individual.”