Ricky Lindsay, Editor in Chief

By RICKY LINDSAY, Sports Editor

There was an emptiness in my weekend.

Several college football games were televised throughout the nation on Saturday. The NFL slate took full charge on Sunday, with the final day of the MLB regular season trickling in during commercial breaks. Oh, and the Detroit Lions romped their bitter rival, the Chicago Bears at home.

But this past weekend wasn’t the same. It was the first of two without Michigan football.

Being the Michigan football beat writer, the first week without the maize and blue was an odd experience. Saturday just didn’t feel the same, even after the team’s game against UConn, which I watched from the comforts of my couch. Rather than Saturday, it was almost like an average fall day.

Besides being sick, it wasn’t all that bad. I was treated to several high profile college football games, including a back-and-forth SEC thriller between Georgia and LSU.

Then there was the battle of the Big Ten between Ohio State and Wisconsin. This one had most of my attention with conference and bowl game implications for Michigan.

The Buckeyes won their first of two consecutive primetime games. When television scheduling works out like that, you know something good is brewing down in Columbus.

With Michigan in the midst of their bye, I was able to enjoy several NFL games on Sunday for the first time this season. That, of course, included the Lions.

Not having the opportunity to sit down and watch the Lions for an entire game, I was unsure what to expect.

Were the “same old Lions” posts on social media true, or are they actually a legitimate contender?

After watching 60 minutes of Lions football, I was in the middle.

The offense performed at an explosive pace. Man, did they do just that. But the defense had a “same old Lions” letdown in the second-half.

In the end, it was exactly what I could’ve asked for: a temporary fix for the void that was Michigan football.

The Detroit Tigers couldn’t really do that against the Miami Marlins. Instead, they decided to do nothing offensively and were no-hit right before their 2013 postseason debut.

It’s kind of funny, really. The one week Michigan take the field, a lesson was learned.

The Tigers were no-hit by the Marlins in the three game series sweeper while the Lions’ offense steamrolled the Bears.

You just can’t predict sports.