By AMANI BADRAN, Staff Writer

There is absolutely nothing less attractive than an insecure man. To be honest, I have no interest in trying to understand those insecurities because I have no interest in trying to fix anyone. See, this would not actually be a problem if the man I’m talking to is able to refrain from indirectly flashing his insecurities through his attitude towards me. By that I mean that I prefer not to witness his pathetic attempt to make me feel as though he is better than me in any aspect, because I can assure you that he is not.

Whether it is the man who is not confident with his appearance or the man who is not academically competent, believe me, he will continue to undermine your potential until he breaks your confidence enough to feel superior. Of course, as women, we are smarter by nature and should never to allow this to happen. In simplest terms, get out while you can.

It is no secret that individuals tend to be unhappy with some attributes that they possess. However, that is not an incentive to bring others down. Men with unresolved issues make me cringe. I am sorry that you are not happy with your physical appearance, but take care of those issues on your own time. Do not use a woman or any other individual for that matter as a punching bag.

I once talked to a guy who apparently felt that his purpose for existence is to call me out on whatever he could and to compliment himself every opportunity he found. I specifically remember him saying, on multiple occasions, “I can get any girl I want. I’m a good looking guy.” Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the key here is to keep repeating this phrase until he actually believes it. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t get me.

My favorite subcategory of this species of men are those who find it appropriate to tell a woman that she is not capable of reaching her goals. Newsflash: it’s 2013. Women are clearly accomplishing bigger and better things than ever before. Stop attempting to shove us into the traditional role that women played many years ago in order to contribute to the preservation of male patriarchy in today’s society. If you are truly a competent, intelligent and confident male, you would not be threatened enough to try and tear up women’s potential. As a significant other, your goal should be to encourage and help strengthen your partner’s abilities in order to help her accomplish her dreams.

Now here is where the cycle begins. Women are put into situations with these types of men and some of those women begin to think that all men are like that. As a form of retaliation, they treat the next man they are with unfairly. I am not an advocate for this behavior, but unfortunately, this is what tends to happen. These women have been told that they are not worthy or capable and they begin to believe it. Personally, I think that is stupid. Why would you let a man, if he can even be called that, who is so insecure with himself turn you into an insecure woman? Now, in return, they allow their insecurities to ruin the next relationship. You are now risking affecting this guy the same way the previous one affected you.

I wish that I could say a relationship stands a chance of success as long as the individuals do not reflect their insecurities onto each other, but I personally do not think that is enough. The only way to be sure that these insecurities will not show is to resolve them before entering a relationship. It is crucial for an individual to work on his or herself and learn to be happy with who he or she is prior to finding a significant other.