Tyesha Vinson/MJ
Tyesha Vinson/MJ

By TYESHA VINSON, Student Life Editor

On Monday, October 7 the Inclusion Office had their Open House. Students came in throughout the day to enjoy the free food and find out what Inclusion is all about.

Students got to know one another, took part in discussions, and got acquainted with the Inclusion Office and all it has to offer.

Jonathan Larson, the Coordinator for LGBTQ and Inclusion Initiatives, is very excited about having the Inclusion Office open to all students on campus.

The purpose of the Inclusion Office is to make sure that each student feels as though they are a part of the University of Michigan-Dearborn community. All students are welcome in the Inclusion Office regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Larson said, “The Inclusion Office is meant to be a space that is safe for all students of different identities whether it’s LGBTQ, racial, socioeconomic, that kind of thing. Looking at the intersectionality of identities and then kind of focusing on that you’re more than just one identity.”

An Inclusion Office is not a common thing on most college campuses. Which is yet another unique part of the UM-Dearborn campus.

“It’s going to be very student focused and a very unique leadership opportunity that most college campuses don’t have. It goes beyond an LGBTQ Center. On some campuses they have multiple centers, this will be many in one.”

Larson feels that the Inclusion Office should not be labeled as an LGBTQ office because it’s more than that. The Inclusion Office is meant to allow all students the chance to diversify themselves and get everyone involved without fear or judgment.

The Inclusion Office also serves as a meeting place for all student organizations. There have already been seven organizations that have used the office for meetings and Larson is very confident that those numbers will increase as word of the Inclusion Office spreads.

Larson encourages all students to make the most of the resources available to them through the Inclusion Office. He said, “I’ve sent out emails encouraging students to come, so I think it will be very active soon.”

Jamilah Alhashidi said, “We used the space recently for Delta Phi Epsilon’s Bid Day. It fit thirty-five people, we had a lot of fun, and we were able to decorate the chalkboard.”

Alhashidi continued, “The purpose of this space is to get more students involved in terms of diversity, inclusion, getting people here.”

Students interested in a safe place where no one is excluded should definitely stop by the Inclusion Office in room 2122 in the University Center.