By AARON YNCLAN, Staff Writer

The University of Michigan-Dearborn Staff Senate will be hosting its annual Staff Fall Forum on Wednesday, October 23rd.

A formal event for all staff members, the Staff Forum is a bi-annual event held every fall and spring semesters, and has been a part of the staff calendar for several years.

“Every year the staff senate has two forums, and this is just an opportunity to get the entire staff together,” said Rand Kazanji, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations. “It’s a formal event for staff, and the program, on average, consists of 2-3 guest speakers and is primarily focused on one of the hot topics on campus.

So, for example, in our spring forum we talked about housing and The Union at Dearborn, we talked about the Science Building renovations, so things that are up-and coming for staff to be aware of.”

This year’s forum features 5 presentations, and will include the Mgaged staff program (of which 15 staff members will be recognized), the Business Engagement Center, and development on the Dearborn Train Station, as well as a “Falling Out of Stress” presentation on stress reduction.

“This is a forum to give staff updates. So for housing it was ‘we’re getting housing in the fall, this is what you need to be aware of as a staff member.’ And that’s how we base the topics and how we get speakers. It’s really getting a feel of what the buzz is on campus and what are some things staff members need to be aware of.”

In addition to the presentations and updates, more than 20 staff members will be honored with the University of Michigan-Dearborn ‘U Make a Difference’ award.

“Our Morale and Engagement committee has an awards program called ‘U Make a Difference,’” said Kazanji. “It’s more of a peer-to-peer evaluation/nomination of staff, so the staff nominates those that they feel are making a difference in their office or their department.”