UM-Dearborn wrestler Samer Shebak. (Photo courtesy of Sam Janicki,
UM-Dearborn wrestler Samer Shebak. (Photo courtesy of Sam Janicki,

By RYAN PETRAS, Staff Reporter

Samer Shabek was honored as the Michigan Journal’s University of Michigan-Dearborn Player of the Week after finishing in third place during the Fall Brawl competition. Staff reporter Ryan Petras had the chance to catch up with Shabek in part of a question and answer series.

Q: How long have you been wrestling for?
A: I’ve been wrestling since seventh grade, so about six years now.

Q: Where did you wrestle in high school?
I wrestled at Livonia Stevenson.

Q: Did you win any awards wrestling in high school?
A:I won multiple first place medals along with second place and third place.

Q: What’s your typical pre-match meal?
A: I usually eat some kind if energy bar mixed with different cereals and I try to stay away from caffeine filled drinks.

Q: Why did you decide to attend the University of Michigan-Dearborn?
A: I decided to attend u of m Dearborn because I have many family members to attended in the past, also I was aware of the wrestling club they had Although I wasn’t and still am not one of the best wrestler out there I love the sport the training involved.

Q: Favorite kind of music?
A: I love any kind of music, specifically alternative rock for wrestling practice it really helps to get me pumped.

Q: Do you have any wrestling idol?
A: I have two wrestling idols. One is The Rock from WWE. Although it’s not real wrestling, he can serve as a great role model and really shows the difference that dedication and hard work can do. Then there is Dan Gable, who says “once you have wrestled, everything else in life is easy.” Whenever I find myself struggling with school work or anything else, I remember these famous words by this Olympic gold medalist. I remember the hundreds of sprints I ran at the end of wrestling practice and how good I am at pushing myself through the hardest times.

Q: There was big controversy about wrestling and the Olympics. How you do feel about the situation and how do you feel about the Olympics attempting to get rid of wrestling?
A: When wrestling was taken out of the Olympics, I was furious. Even though I am not an avid Olympic watcher, wrestling should be the last sport taken out of the Olympics. It is the face of the Olympics; wrestling goes back to the Ancient Greek times. It is the most competitive sport on the planet, how dare they try to expel such a sport. I knew it would fall through, the wrestlers of the nation all came together and worked to save the event. Wrestling also shows a great deal of unity.