By AMANI BADRAN, Staff Writer


There are two facts in this world that cannot be denied. The first one is that Ryan Gosling is the Greek God of our century. The second is that hell will actually freeze over if you ever call a woman dramatic. Ugh…let me guess: that was so dramatic. Well that’s too bad. Don’t say it. Don’t even think it.

I am convinced that calling a woman dramatic should be considered a sin. Let’s think this through really quick. Wrath is considered one of the deadly sins, right? I am willing to bet that wrath came into existence the first time a woman was called dramatic. Can’t we just replace one with the other? I mean honestly, if calling a woman dramatic had been listed as a sin from the beginning of time, we probably wouldn’t have even seen or heard of wrath.

Believe me when I say I have been in the position where I physically felt myself transform from human to beast after being called dramatic. It’s basically like calling us crazy. We’re not crazy or dramatic. The only reason we’re ever called either of the two is simply because of a lack of a better word. It actually isn’t that difficult to find a better way to approach what you mean, but I’ve never expected anything from a man before and I’m not about to start.

I watched, in a group chat, as my friend’s fiance called her dramatic because she was obsessing over Harry Potter. First of all, don’t get in between a girl and her Harry Potter obsession. Also, don’t call her dramatic in a group chat while ten of your friends watch. I remember feeling the cold front that came over that chat.

I have seen my friend get called dramatic because she was furious when her boyfriend cancelled their plans because a new video game came out. Of course he said she was being dramatic because he spends so much time with her and now she was overreacting because he wanted to play video games. Or maybe she’s just pissed because you literally just cancelled a date last minute to do what you can simply do after the date.

The point of it all is that yes, we tend to disagree with our significant others, and yes, we have different ideas or beliefs on what is worth getting upset over. However, being in a respectful, mature relationship means understanding that if your partner is upset, you do not call them sensitive, you don’t tell them they’re overreacting and you definitely don’t call them crazy or dramatic. You can disagree with the way they choose to handle their emotions, but you cannot make them feel as though they are being irrational because of the way they feel. The only thing that will come out of it is a bigger argument and probably no sex for a week.