Photo courtesy of Yvonne Tomei.
Photo courtesy of Yvonne Tomei.

By YVONNE TOMEI, Guest Writer

Infamous online blogger Mark Oshiro made an appearance on the University of Michigan-Dearborn’s campus this past Tuesday.

Oshiro reads books, watches full runs of television series, and writes his own opinion on them after each chapter and episode. He is the founder of,,and

Mark Oshiro came from a poor Latino background growing up in Bakersfield, California. He was bullied by a school counselor and was rejected by his community because of his sexual preference and being, “weird”. He claims these are the reasons he is such a good writer today.

Mark graduated from the University of California – Los Angeles as valedictorian of his class majoring in Gender Studies while studying critical race theory. He uses his writing in a way to be articulate about things he believes in.

The social base Mark has created originally started as a bet between himself and his editor. He was currently managing social network website, where news, fashion, and common interests are shared. Mark’s editor bribed him with an all paid trip to California to work press at the Comicon Convention for the vampire love story Twilight.

Oshiro said, “I just couldn’t understand why everyone was in love with this series so much.”

He continued to speak about how he took pictures of men, women, children, and asked them questions about the Saga and why each one loved it. Huge names such as Rolling Stone and Huffington Post featured his report as soon as it was published online.

Mark was really intrigued by this event and wanted to share his own opinion on Twilight. After he read through each chapter he blogged about it and named his journey “Mark Reads Twilight”. It started off as a laughing joke between him and his editor but as he was getting through the final chapters he had gained a fan base of 250,000 readers.

Brutally honest, uncensored, and eccentric are just a few words to describe Mark Oshiro. He picks each story apart, pointing out themes, how each character is portrayed, and refuses to hold back his opinion.

“Mark Reads Twilight” was a hit. In May 2010 after he finished the saga he created, “Mark Reads Harry Potter”.

He explained to the crowd, “I made fun of everything the first couple of chapters, but then Dumbledoor was introduced and I started loving it.”

So did ten million other readers. When Oshiro began reading “Goblet Of Fire” it seemed as though the entire internet had found him. Overnight he had an army of extremely supportive national and international readers.

On November 11, 2010, three years ago he created his websites, “Mark Reads” and “Mark Watches”. He reads and writes about books such as, “The Hunger Games”, “The Hobbit”, “Broken Kingdoms”, and “Untold”.

On “Mark Watches” he is currently blogging about shows such as, “The West Wing” and “Supernatural”. Past shows he has done include “Harry Potter”, “Game Of Thrones”, and “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”.

When I asked him what his favorite show was to write about he said, “Its between Friday Night Lights and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I Love Buffy but hate season six, It comes a close second to Friday Night Lights.”

Mark Oshiro provides emotional and intellectual experiences for people. Being a slew of minorities; Latino, homosexual, and atheist, he incorporates these in his writing.

Oshiro said, “I don’t think of myself as a teacher, I just use these things as empowerment.”

Growing up in a religious household, Oshiro was taught to keep his opinions and thoughts to himself, shamed into being quiet. Now he is continuing to rebel and not holding a single word back.

Oshiro explains, “I want to open someones mind to things differently to what they thought they were, the world is different, accept it.”

Mark Oshiro just finished a European tour, and travels state to state sharing his experiences and writings. His positive attitude and spunky personality shows through his writing and leaves you wanting more every time.