Photo Courtesy of Alex Garza


Photo Courtesy of Alex Garza

University of Michigan-Dearborn student, Alex Garza was recently elected into 3rd place for the Taylor City Council.

Garza, a UM-Dearborn freshmen, is the first Latino and 19 year old to be elected into the Taylor City Council. He is honored that he has an opportunity to serve the community of Taylor.

“I felt so honored that the residents of Taylor believed in me enough to put me on the city council,” said Garza.

Previous to his win, Garza was involved in the community of Taylor. His actions within the community is what encouraged and motivated his run to become a City Council member.

“I have been involved in the community for years through local volunteer work and my service on Taylor’s Downtown Development Authority. I knew that I was bringing a wide range of experience and new ideas to Taylor,” continues Garza, “I knew that Taylor never had a younger viewpoint on council, and many folks encouraged me to run. I ran an aggressive grassroots campaign knocking on over 15,000 voter doors over a 6 month period talking to voters about my plan for Taylor.”

Garza, just as any member of the council, has future plans for the city of Taylor. His plans consists of taking care of big and small issues.

He said, “My plans include taking control of our city general fund deficit, improving public safety for our residents, building a relationship with our school district, and focusing more on senior services.”

The Taylor community was not the only source of encouragement for Garza. Former UM-Dearborn student body President and current State Representative David Knezek was a motivator for Garza.

“David Knezek influenced and supported me the entire time. He is a strong believer in bringing younger folks into government at all levels as I am. I am grateful for his support during my entire campaign.”

Garza is currently taking a semester off. He is putting all his time and effort into making sure the city of Taylor is better for its residents. When he returns he will continue studying his major of choice, Political Science.

“I chose the Political Science major because I have always had a passion for public service,” Garza continues, “I have been involved in the political arena for a few years locally and have come to enjoy learning about the political process. “

Garza takes pride in serving the Taylor community and is working with other council members to improve the city.