By Naura Berro, Guest Writer 

It seems as if Hollywood is lacking creativity lately. In the last years there have been countless remakes of films ranging from cartoons to historical events. Some were worthy of prestigious awards and others were unfortunately not so commendable.  The latest attempt in theatre’s was the remake of “Carrie”.  The original motion picture starring John Travolta introduced in 1976 was categorized as a horror movie based on Stephen King’s novel. In 2013, a new version, directed by Kimberly Pierce, presumes to be portrayed under the same category. However, horror movie fanatics will be disappointed, since this movie seems to portray tragedy rather than horror.

“Carrie” is a story about a young shy girl tormented at school by classmates. In her last year of high school, she discovers her paranormal powers. After being driven too far, Carrie White’s powers consume her. Scary enough?

For those who have not previewed this movie and expect to jump out of your seats with terror, I truly recommend you take your hard earned money and invest it elsewhere. It is not as chilling as one would expect. Even though the trailer appeared to be gruesome and frightening, people are unaware that this is the third version of the original movie with minor additions.