Photo courtesy of UM-Dearborn Black Student Union.
Photo courtesy of UM-Dearborn Black Student Union.

By TYESHA VINSON, Student Life Editor

The Black Student Union (BSU) is hosting The Blackout Party for HIV/AIDS awareness on December 6 at 9:00pm in Quad E of the Fairlane Center.

This event is donation based and all proceeds will be used to benefit a family affected by HIV/AIDS for the holiday season. Because of the theme of the party, black attire is strongly suggested.

The Black Student Union hopes to be able to buy coats, hats, food, and toys so the family they donate to will have an enjoyable Christmas this year. The Black Student Union aims to do all they can in serving their community.

For the Black Student Union, this is the last event of the semester and it’s a big one. BSU President, Saidah Murphy estimated that at least 150 people will be in attendance.

It will be a night filled with fun, music and dancing. BSU is giving the students a chance to party for a cause.

Another fun thing about the upcoming Blackout Party is the challenges amongst friends that have come from this event.

Eiman Hairston, a Student Representative for BSU, has made a deal with other BSU members to shave his afro if they reach their goal of $250.

Hairston has been growing his afro for almost a year now and he’s developed a special bond with his now trademark afro, but he’s willing to part with it if it means helping a family affected by HIV/AIDS.

Hairston said, “I’ve been growing this baby ever since around the time I started working at the Union, so around March.”

This will be a fun event for all students, but the Black Student Union doesn’t want the spread of HIV/AIDS to continue. It is important to remember the HIV/AIDS is real and it is serious.

BSU President, Saidah Murphy said, “Know your status, get tested.”

Aside from the serious message, Blackout will be a happy occasion for BSU and the students in attendance will be able to end the semester with a bang.

Murphy said, “It’s a celebration for the end of the semester and we just want everybody to come out and have fun.”

BSU has very high hopes for this event and the upcoming semester. Hairston said, “We are thrilled for this event. This here will be the next trademark event for BSU.”

Take the time to party with your peers and help a family affected by HIV/AIDS have a better holiday season.