By AMANI BADRAN, Staff Writer 

The new year has officially kicked in and while I would love to proclaim that we are “out with the old and in with the new” it is unfortunate that I am still surrounded by an abundance of individuals who continue to decrease my tolerance for humans. I had promised myself that I would make an effort to have a more positive outlook on my surroundings this new year, in part because I refused to declare a resolution to lose the weight I’ve been holding onto, (probably due to my unresolved attachment issues, or so I like to pretend,) but it does not seem to be working out. I hate to blame it on everyone else, but I’m going to anyway.

Cry me a River

I have always had a problem with individuals who lacked the ability to communicate what they are feeling, but it seems as though I have recently been encountering many with that quality. I am not asking people to pour their hearts out, in fact I’d prefer they don’t, but if someone is going to make the decision to act differently towards me and leave out the simple detail as to why, it is going to exasperate me. Well, at least for the first few minutes before I realize that I do not have the time to wonder and analyze why people behave in the manner that they do.

I’m sure I sound like I am going back and forth with the topic: “If you’re going to treat me differently I want to know why… actually I don’t have time for you so get over it.” I guess what I am trying to say is if you have a minor problem with me or something I have done, I’m sure you can put your emotions aside for the five minute conversation we have about something irrelevant, instead of being as dry as a bone, because I am most likely not going to ask you what is wrong. If the issue you have seems to be bothering you so much that you cannot help but be a sensitive child, then confront me or rather do not even speak to me. I refuse to take the time to ask you why it is that you are replying with one-word responses when I know that isn’t your style. Let’s face it, people only act this way when they are provoking you to ask them what’s wrong, otherwise they would play their shit cool.