2013 proved to be a very successful year for music.

For Australian synthpop band Strange Talk, much of their time this past year was spent traveling the US, performing and building up a fan base here in the states.

Strange Talk originated out of Melbourne. Members Stephen Docker, Gillan Gregory, Gerard Sidhu, and Travis Constable were all musicians before the group and came together through friends, although it is often rumored that the guys met on Myspace. The site helped launch their success, but wasn’t necessarily what connected the band. While starting small in Australia, the group has definitely expanded since their start in 2010.

The band’s favorite and least favorite part of touring is traveling, something they got to do a lot of during 2013.


Strange Talk has enjoyed spending time in the states, noting it’s definitely colder in the US than in Australia. Interestingly enough, the guys compared each state to a different country, mentioning Detroit wasn’t as bad as they’ve heard.

One of the stops on the band’s journey included December’s Nutcracker in Detroit, hosted by alternative radio station 89x. Strange Talk was the first one a lineup including acts Switchfoot and Panic! at the Disco. The group was asked to play the gig after 89x picked up their song Climbing Walls and began playing it on the station.

Strange Talk took the Nutcracker audience by storm, with just over a half hour set of electric music to pump up the Fillmore. Many of the people I spoke to weren’t familiar with the band before the show, but could all agree that their set was definitely an enjoyable one and the band was definitely one they intended on listening to in the future.

The performance had the energy and charisma of a headlining band rather than an opening group, and the audience followed suit.

The show only added to the band’s list of successful moments, as they mentioned they once opened for pop singer P!nk. Strange Talk also earned a spot on 89x’s Top 89 of 2013 with Climbing Walls.

When asked about being successful and making big things happen, Gillan Gregory said it just sort of happens; no one plans for it. Lead singer Stephen Docker added that you must “work your ass off and never give up.” The whole group can agree on one thing: it takes passion and passion can take you a long way.

One thing is certain; the band has enjoyed great successes already, with many more ahead. Strange Talk’s album Cast Away is set for release in the United States sometime in 2014.

I highly recommend you give them a listen (and I’m not just saying that because the band ghost-wrote this article).