By KEYSHA WALL, Arts & Entertainment Editor

i. wrap yourself in black. darkness is

beautiful, luxurious, mysterious,

all the things at the end of the world

and all the things you are afraid of.


ii. leggings in the winter. nothing can

harm you if you are the only one

who knows how to harm yourself.


iii. boots. become 6’0″ or 6’2″. stumble

into people and lord over them when

you say “excuse me.” smile at them

as if you mean it. [only we know

that you don’t.]books


iv. wear a coat that makes you look

as if you’re hiding a black hole

in your stomach. walk as if you

will show it to anyone who dares

to look your way.


v. rejection. manipulation. frustration.

subversion. fear. sorrow. they all

show on your face.