By LAURA SANCHEZ, Staff Writerjudgement

I’ve never understood people’s attitudes towards New Year’s Resolutions. I understand the part where people set goals for themselves for self-improvement or to acquire new habits, but I’ve never understood the part where people give up on their resolutions. If their goal is to stop smoking, but they give in and have a smoke three days into January, why do they give up on their resolution? Why don’t they just start again when they feel comfortable? Resolutions aren’t about accomplishing something in the smallest time period possible. It’s not about doing something in one run. It can be a bit of stop-and-go. Breaking or acquiring habits require time. You aren’t going to become a new person between, literally, seconds of an old year and the next.

This was the first year that I actually made a concrete resolution. One of my friends and I decided that this would be the year of no judgments. This involves no hasty generalizations of people or things, no scrutinizing of outfits or hairstyles or attitudes in order to judge their owner. Judging can be quite evil, and frankly, I’ve been guilty of judging someone too many times to count. To be frank, we all judge. Judging is one of the easiest things to do because it doesn’t really require any extra strength or intelligence. It just requires ignorance.

I was enthused about our no judgment stance. Even though I do have a habit of judging quite a lot, I pride myself on having an open mind, so I didn’t think it would be too difficult to reform my petty habit. Well, as you can probably assume, I already slipped and yes, judged someone. It wasn’t even intentional; I just saw a guy in one of my classes and judged based on appearances and how he handled himself. Just by taking a look at him, I had already assumed the worst about his attitude, qualities, and even study habits. Well, I should have known what would happen next. I had to talk to him for an in-class activity, and big surprise, I was wrong in my assumptions. He turned out to be the opposite of what I had imagined.

I think that was the universe’s way of telling me to step up my resolution game. Just because I slipped already and made assumptions and judgments doesn’t mean that I failed at my goal. This experience just made me a little more conscious of how harmful and toxic judgment making can be. I’ll just be careful with my judgments – maybe the next person I judge will become my best friend… or worst enemy, but it’s up to me to find out instead of assuming.