Andrea Collins takes a shot during the Lady Wolverines' 2013 season opener against Rochester. (File photo/MJ)
Andrea Collins takes a shot during the Lady Wolverines' season opener against Rochester.
Andrea Collins takes a shot during the Lady Wolverines’ season opener against Rochester. (Amanda Gosline/MJ)

By JORDAN KONIOR, Staff Reporter

Everything that could go wrong did go wrong for the University of Michigan-Dearborn Lady Wolverines on Saturday evening against Lourdes University.

The Lady Wolverines were up by as much as three with under a minute left to play before the Titanic began to sink.

Free throws and missed assignments on the defensive glass led to a 55-55 tie. With seconds left, the Lady Wolverines had a chance to put an end to Lady Gray Wolves once and for all.

Then it happened.

The strangest, most awkward play that you only hear about on SportsCenter happened, and the 50-something people that were in attendance experienced it, many for the first time.

The Lady Wolverines had the ball with approximately five seconds, when junior guard Andrea Collins drove past all Gray Wolves defenders and threw up a fancy right-handed scoop finger roll, only for the ball to stand still on the back of the iron to end regulation.

“When I seen a opening I took it, when it came off my hands I thought it was good,” said Collins. “As it rolled around a little I just knew it was going to drop. Then when it stayed there it moved a little bit and all I could think was go in, go in. Then it just stayed there and I was in complete shock.”
Everyone was stunned. Collins said the shot was on her mind, even after the game ended.

“To be honest, I’ve thought about it all night,” she said. “Like how does something like that even happen?”

Even though the Lady Wolverines still had overtime in front of them, emotion had already set in.

“We were all excited and anxious waiting for the ball to go in but when it stuck there we were all just shocked and upset,” said Courtney Teets regarding the last shot of regulation.

With the win right on a tip, senior Danielle Cowart was excited to celebrate. But this was something she’d never seen before.

“Every split second, Drea (Andrea Collins) was a dribble closer to the basket,” said Cowart. “In my head I’m saying, ‘Yes Drea, yes. That’s game time, baby.’ And when she put it up, it didn’t come back down. I was jumping on my toes on the arch telling that ball to get in there. I’ve never seen anything like that to close regulation.

Perhaps this was a bit of foreshadowing for the type of adversity the Lady Wolverines were going to have to overcome on Saturday night.

“We were obviously upset but we had to try and let it go and try to go out there in overtime to get the win,” said senior guard Brittany Teets.

The Lady Gray Wolves came up with a 6-0 run to start overtime. Collins fouled out after she had the hot hand in the late parts of the game, and this proved to be the difference as the Lady Wolverines lost 64-60 to the Lady Gray Wolves.

Jalissa Williams had another double-double as she scored 21 points and snagged 11 rebounds and blocked four shots in 45 minutes of play. Cowart added 12 points, and five rebounds, while Collins had 11 points, seven rebounds, and four assists.

Tarynn Hampton lead the way for the Lady Gray Wolves with 20 points and 11 rebounds in a complete game of play.

The loss puts the Lady Wolverines at (2-12) in the WHAC.

The Lady Wolverines will take the court again on January 29 where they will play host to the University of Northwestern Ohio Lady Racers. The game starts at 5:30 p.m.